Ramadan Feeding 2018

Dear friends and family,

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us again and Alhamdulillah we thank Allah the most Beneficent the Most Merciful for being healthy and alive to reap the benefits of this holy month. At Badr Nabi we have served more than 400,000 hot meals to families in need since 2009, working in twelve States across northern Nigeria. With the help of local mosques, schools, hospitals, orphanages, prisons, NGOs and an army of volunteers we have been able to open more than 90 feeding centers. Sadly the number of families at feeding centers growing rapidly and we all must find a way to fight hunger in this country. The good news is more and more young people especially are setting up NGOs to feed the poor. 

Last year we reduced our feeding centers to eleven and started providing food sacks of dry grains to widows and IDPs as we are able to make a bigger impact feeding families. Each sack contains 5kg of rice, 7.5kg of beans, 10kg of millet and a 2.5kg each of sugar and tea. The sacks for each family cost N10,000 including transportation and bagging. During our visits to IDP settlements we found that they were using old 50kg bags to protect their huts from the rain. So we put all the food we bought in 50kg bags which they would be able to recycle. Thus far we have distributed 280 parcels to IDPs in the Mulai area of Maiduguri, 150 to widows in Kaduna, another 250 to a widows association in Kano and 150 to IDPs through the Hisbah office in Kano.

In December we conducted a Medical Mission at Gidan Makama in Kano and started a new initiative working with street children in Sabon Gari where we have a feeding Center this Ramadan. 

This year we need your help to raise enough money for 1000 food sacks. We know times are hard but its even harder for the poor in our midst. Badr Nabi like many such foundations are doing a lot but each of us going the extra mile in our communities would have a bigger impact. In times such as these no amount is too small please give whatever you can spare.

Surah Al-Balad, while describing the virtuous path says:

“And what would make you conceive what is that steep uphill road ? [It is], the freeing of a slave or the feeding on a day of hunger an orphan relative or a needy person lying in the dust … “ (90:12-16)

The website allows us to share a lot more information about the work that we do and the other initiatives we have. It also has a payment portal for direct online donations. You can find us on www.badrnabi.org and on instagram @badr_nabi_foundation.

We pray that Allah SWT continue to make it easy for you to support us but if you are unable to, you can still support us by passing this on to your contacts or by becoming a volunteer.

On behalf of all the people that we serve we would like to thank you and pray that Allah accept all your dua and ibadah.

Ali bin Abi Talib RA

 “do not feel ashamed when giving a little for charity, because there is always goodness in giving no matter how little”

Ramadan Mubarak

Sutura Bello